CBD – Next Big Thing in Skin Care

Current research on cannabinoids (CBDs) has investigated its effectiveness in the treatment of dermatologic conditions including pruritus, inflammatory skin disease, and skin cancer. The most promising role for CBDs is in alleviation of itching. CBDs can be administered in topical form including CBD cream, CBD lotion, and or CBD oil for treatment of dermatological conditions.

Mechanism of action

CBDs have shown to be effective in dermatological conditions by acting directly or indirectly through different mechanisms. They act as agonist to skin’s own endocannabinoid system involved in the regulation of various hormones and proteins, including cytokines.

CBDs Holds Promising Future in Dermatology

Dermatologists have begun to prescribe CBD cream through the use of PEA-containing topical base. PEA stimulates endocannabinoid activation of certain receptors and has shown to reduce itch by 85% with acceptable tolerance. Further, studies have shown improved quality of life resulting from reduced symptoms, such as itching, scaling, and oozing with the use of CBD cream. Further, the use has also resulted in better sleep and a reduction in need for corticosteroids.